Life Is Just A Fantasy

Below is a compilation of fantasies.  I thought you might enjoy reading them as much as I do.  It feels wonderful to be complimented in such a way.  It is an honor and a blessing to  have inspired so much passion and affection.

~~ Your natural talent for intimacy and sensual pleasure took my breath away. It was a pleasure/inspiration to be in the company of a person who explores and builds a life around beauty, tactile experience and the realm of the senses.

~~ I highly recommend Star to anyone interested in a passionate and very sensual encounter with a very articulate lady.  Star is one of the most sensuous ladies I have ever met. From the very beginning my visit with her was one of pure physical sensation.

~~ Her profile said "all my appointments are tantra now" (or it did). That doesn't mean training, or breathing exercises or some position. What it meant to me is there is such feeling, such fullness and such emotion in her touch that you palpably feel it not just ON your skin but IN your being. For me, that felt different on different occasions but was definitely what I needed to fully enter into bliss. I've left physically drained but emotionally charged.  Finally, on the sensual side, she has taken me places and made my body respond in ways no other ever has. This has fulfilled some long anticipated desires. She has concretely demonstrated the limitless possibilities one can achieve - WOW!

Thank you Star for your time and undivided attention. You are one of the most beautiful people I've met.  JM

~~As she has stated, soft, slow and sensual is Star's style, and adoration is truly what she gives. I enjoyed every moment of my time with her, and was able to make the most of it, from her incredible, angelic introduction and [edit].  Gentlemen, if you have been looking for a woman who can make you feel the spark of excitement that comes with real, shared intimacy, you will find it with Star. As so many other reviewers have so eloquently written before me, she is very special, and you will know so by the way she makes you feel when you are with her! Treat her well! Thank you, Star.  I'll be in touch.  MM

~~Star is simply an amazing person who I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to languish in her presence and be transported into her incredible world. She has a unique gift for making you feel special. Wanted. Desired. Appreciated. Alive. Refreshed. Her world is a special place that exists somewhere between fantasy and ecstasy. Time spent in her world is life shaking. When I am with her, it makes me feel alive and young again. As the pressure of our daily lives take over our souls, it is easy to get lost and forget why life is so exhilarating. Being with Star is like jumping from a plane or bungee jumping, or peeling off that sports car roof and driving the autobahn at 160 mph. It refreshes the soul, and fills all of your senses with passion and meaning. Perhaps I have just found somebody that I can mesh with. Somebody who I connect with and who can truly understand me. However, my sense is that this is not the case. I can truly connect with Star (and I believe she can connect right back), but I believe Star has the unique ability to immerse herself into who she is with. She allows herself to become one with who she is with at the moment. She opens up her inner self and allows you in to a very special place. She freely shows you what an incredible person she is inside, and that translates to the outer experience. Each time I have seen her, has been a unique experience. She doesn't follow a set plan. She is very sensitive to what you are feeling and allows the time together to flow naturally, not rehearsed or staged.  To rest in her arms is to find true peace.  I have chosen to see Star again and again. If an experience with her were my last, I could die a happy, fulfilled man. Thank You Star for being such an incredible lover and friend. I cherish the time we have spent together. James

~~ This is my third review of Star and even though I will continue to see her again and again, this will probably be my last review of her. I'm just not smart enough to come up with new and different adjectives to describe how wonderful spending time with her can be. She is sexy, energetic, exciting, intense, fun and has the innate ability to make you feel better about yourself with the passion she displays. If I could find a way to bottle her sexual energy, I would be a gazillionaire. However, there's no way it could be a tangible product because it's beyond anything that can be described or manufactured. She rocked my world during our visit.. there's no other way to convey it. If you participate in this hobby for new experiences at a different level than you've ever had before then Star should be the next contact you make. There is no possible way you could be disappointed. Rump

~~ Without going into all the details, I will say that she is one of the most erotic women I have ever met and my experience with her was incredible. If you want to see a true gem in Portland then make sure you contact her. Thanks Star! Rump (another lovely encounter!)

~~...And at the risk of preaching to the choir that have already sung to beautiful Star's fine talents, I must say this is one most erotic and accomplished women I have ever been with. Days after the experience I still get tinges of pleasure thinking about her. Thank you. El Piola

~~ I liken my evening with Star to the tango -- the only thing missing, an Astor Piazzola soundtrack. Each move, each touch, each pause, each change in direction, each shift of emphasis was wordlessly intuited and creatively, sensually played off of - subtly, dramatically, and with smoldering intensity. There are times - usually merely as observers - when we experience true artistry. I can still remember the first time: in my 11th year watching Willie Mays send a high fly ball into the bleachers beyond left field in Candlestick Park. And as he rounded first base, just yards from where I was seated in awe of him, I knew I was witnessing greatness. And I've had moments during concerts when the sheer audacious beauty of a performer's musicianship brings an involuntary gasp of appreciation from the audience. Well, upon leaving after a few hours together with Star, I realized that I had been treated to a rare event: I had been afforded the opportunity to [experience] a young woman who is a subtle master of the sensual arts, at the very pinnacle of her craft. Vic

~~This isn't as much a review as a salutation! The entire experience was marvelous. No problems connecting. Great conversationalist.  Everything about the experience was genuine. Star is a magnificent companion. I could not believe how natural everything felt. It was as if I had known her for some time. I can't say enough wonderful things about her.  Can't wait to see ya again! Sam

~~ She has a perfect, toned little body that I could gaze on for hours. She has also perfected (yes, in my mind perfected) truly [adoring] a man. She has an exquisite way of building me up slowly...  Her hair flowing over my most sensitive parts, and teasing with near touches, touching the periphery of the center of sensitivity, all the while making these tantalizing little noises. The ultimate in Sensual Immersion, plus so much more.

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