The Time Is Now...

Please read this entire page before contacting me and please scroll down for all information...  Thank you!


I am a very sensual creature and this aspect of my life allows me an outlet for my erotic, sensual energy.  It fulfills my need and desire to connect with others on a deep, intimate level.   Our energy is precious and I reserve mine for those I feel I will be most compatible with.  I want us both to feel enriched, energized, alive, and drenched in sensuality...both during and after our time spent together.   With that in mind, I have a few requests of you...


~ ~ ~ When contacting me, please tell me a little about yourself.  This can be as brief or as in-depth as you would like...I am just interested in getting a feel for who you are and if we would be a good match.  Believe it or not, I am not the perfect companion for every person.  I know...crazy huh! ~ ~ ~


If you are a new friend, be prepared to provide at least two verifiable references and be aware that the verification process may take time.  Same day sessions are not available for new friends...inquiries regarding such will not be responded to, as I feel that that is good indicator that you have not fully read my website, therefore must not have put a great deal of thought into contacting me.   Thank you for your understanding.

Depending on which site you are contacting me from, I may ask you to provide me with a copy of your ID, employment information, phone number and your LinkedIn profile.


Registering with P411 is a great way to speed up the verification process.  I can send you an invite if you are interested in becoming a member.


Please fill out the provided contact form (at the bottom of this page) and I will get back to you as soon as possible (which is usually pretty dang fast!).  Thank you!


You are welcome to offer any other information about yourself that you feel compelled to share.  I love the entire getting-to-know-you process and the building up of anticipation can be quite delicious...


I look forward to adoring you!


~ ~ ~ Questions are encouraged.  However, sexually oriented or graphic emails will not be responded to. ~ ~ ~

XOXO~ Star


I am currently available most days, including weekends, from 8 AM thru 8 PM (donation increases after 8 PM).


These times may be flexible with advanced notice.  However, please plan in advance for any session.  Contacting me at least 24 - 48 hours prior to the desired session time is preferable and will increase the liklihood of our schedules corresponding with each other's.  I would very much enjoy sharing time with you and this will help make it happen!  Returning friends are welcome to check for short-notice availability...I will do my best to arrange my schedule so that we may get together for a wonderfully delicious encounter.

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