Are You Ready?

I am so excited to see you here on my Contact page – it is an excellent place to be as it means doorways are about to open up for a wonderfully sensual journey.  Before they do though, I will require some information from you in order to move forward.  Aside from simply asking for references, however, I would love to hear a little bit about why you are interested in meeting and why you feel we would be a good fit.  With all of the amazing options out there – why are you reaching out to ME? 


The further I go along in my sensual journey, the clearer I get about the type of person I resonate most fully with.  I am interested in depth and connection in the realms of sensuality and beyond.  Communication is a huge turn on for me!  This sharing is a very important part of the screening process for me and I appreciate your indulging me.  Keep in mind that if you feel compelled to only write an incomplete sentence or two, choose not to use punctuation, and feel it unnecessary to include your name (this happens more than you might imagine!), I will not respond back to you.  


Part of the beauty of having quite a bit of experience in my chosen field is that I have gotten extremely skilled in reading people by their email style – it tends to tell me everything I need to know about what time spent with a person will be like: if the email message is shallow and without much thought behind it, that is pretty much how the encounter will be.  So now I am choosing not to respond to those as it simply is not how I want to spend this precious life.  That being said, I don’t need you to write a book of course and it doesn’t have to be complicated or overly eloquent, just thoughtful.  Again, thank you for indulging me!  It will most definitely be worth your time!


Please include your references and please let me know if you are inquiring about a specific date to get together or what days/times are good for you.  Failure to fill out the form in its entirety will result in a lack of response from me.  So thank you for your attention to detail!  It seems strange that I have to state some of these things, but again, experience has taught me it is necessary to do so. 

If you are a member of TNA with reviews and vouches there, please contact me through the board for verification.  Likewise, if you are a member of P411, please contact me through their website for verification.  Super easy!  And please don't forget to share a bit about yourself and why you are interested in spending time with me.  Thank you! 

You are awesome!