Sensual Adventures...

I absolutely adore traveling and having grand adventures - especially those of the sensual and spiritual nature.  I have created a life of intention and carry that through to absolutely everything I do - including sharing time with you!  I feel that our life is precious and that we should live it to the fullest while we can - follow our dreams, spend time in the company of inspiring, engaging people, and do what makes our heart sing - NOW.  Don't wait until it is too late. Slow down a little bit and prioritize passion and enjoyment.  DREAM HUGE, LIVE NOW, CREATE MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS AND MEMORIES!  I hope you find inspiration in the following adventures and it encourages you to grab hold of life and engage in what speaks to your soul.  No more excuses!  What do you want to do?  What makes you feel alive?  Where do your dreams lead you?  I want to accompany you there!  As noted, my interests tend to be spiritual in nature and the following adventures spring forth from my spiritual proclivities.  May they inspire you as well!  LIVE, GROW, LOVE, CONNECT.

Breitenbush Retreat Center:  Near Detroit Lake, OR ~~~

Sexy woodland adventures abound!  At any given time, Breitenbush Retreat Center offers a variety of retreats and workshops highlighting various spiritual modalities and topics from meditation, intimacy and relating, yoga, and so much more.  The retreat center is located in the stunning Mt. Hood forest and is home to a number of beautiful hot springs to rejuvenate and relax in, as well as lovely trails to hike and a labyrinth to facilitate deep contemplation.  We can even get massages there!  Their vegetarian cuisine tastes amazing, enlivens your body, and opens up energy channels.  Private cabins are the background to our exquisite woodland rendezvous.  This adventure promises to wake up every part of your being - stimulating body, mind, and soul in the breathtaking Oregon landscape with your very own super sensual woodland nymph!  Private cabins tend to fill up quickly, so advanced planning is quite necessary for this excursion.  Have a look at their calendar of upcoming events to see what speaks to you, then reach out with your favs.  If not interested in workshop attendance, we can still stay in the cabins and create our own personal retreat of sensuality, rejuvenation, and relaxation - blissfully enjoying each other in this beautiful forest paradise! 


$2000 per day plus cost of lodging and workshop attendance if applicable.

Deposit required to finalize our adventure.

Oregon Coast Getaway ~~~

What is more sexy than erotic frolicking near the divine feminine power of the ocean!  So many exciting things to do at the coast - both indoors and out.  Hiking, art galleries, restaurants, long walks on the beach, stunning sunsets.  The Oregon coastline is exquisite and quite an aphrodisiac.  I'm including a link to a lovely little accommodation in Newport ~ this is but one of the many options available.  There are so many lovely beach towns and so many lovely places to create a super-sexy love nest.  The coast is our oyster!  [sorry, couldn't help that one!]


$2000 per day plus lodging.

Deposit required.

Esalen Institute:  Big Sur, CA ~~~

Seeking to take your spirituality to the next level?  This world-famous retreat center offers an extensive and mind-blowing array of consciousness expanding and soul rejuvenating retreats on the picturesque California coastline.  Stunning landscape, luxurious accommodations, mind-expansion, sensual connection, erotic encounters ~ this one is a total game-changer.  Have a look at their calendar of upcoming events to see what speaks to you, then reach out with your favs.  Embrace life!


$2000 per day plus cost of airfare, lodging and workshop attendance if applicable.

Deposit required.

World Travel ~~~

A friend recently asked what he could do improve his life.  My quick response: TRAVEL!!!  No better way to grab hold of life, get a fresh perspective, and spark inspiration and imagination.  Our planet is gorgeous and there are endless adventures waiting to be had.  Add a nice sexy dose of eroticism and sensuality to the mix and we have ourselves a truly unforgettable excursion with memories that will last a lifetime.  Don't let life pass you by without getting to the destination you've always dreamed of - made all the more perfect with the addition of companionship, passion, and sensuality!  Join me in starting out the morning with meditation and yoga.  I am especially passionate about creating an intentional, spiritual adventure and have found this to be unbelievably nourishing, creating powerful connection, soul growth, and mind-expansion. What turns you on?  Where do you want to go?  Let's explore together!

$2000 per day plus cost of airfare and lodging.

Deposit required.


To stir your imagination, I've compiled some images of enticing travel destinations that I fantasize about.  Travel is my ultimate passion however and I pretty much want to see it all! 



Fly Me To You ~~~

If my sensual and spiritual nature appeals to you, yet you will not find yourself in Portland, OR anytime soon, I am more than happy to come visit you in your location.  I adore adventures and, as noted above, I pretty much want to see the entire world - including your fair city!  One day minimum required.

$2000 per day plus cost of lodging and airfare.

Deposit required.


Did I Miss Anything...? ~~~

I'm very open to suggestions.  If you don't see your fantasy adventure here, let's remedy that! Don't forget your current, verifiable references when contacting me.

Tulum Ceynotes
Stone Henge
Chitchen Itza

XOXO~ Star