Divine Masculine Total Life Empowerment:

Regain Personal Power, Improve Health and Sexuality, Transform Relationships

The Mission:

Clear unhealthy patterns and behaviors inherited from our family and society. Regain a sense of purpose, meaning, and trust. Release unconscious fears that are holding you back.

Reclaim your sexual nature, free from guilt and shame - free from fear of rejection and punishment. Connect from a place of fullness and love, not from a place of lack.

Open your heart to more fully give and receive love - standing strong, confident, and courageous in releasing unhealthy relationship patterns.

Reconnect to your own, unique experience of spirituality, free from religious dogma, unhealthy rules, and hierarchies - find your own power and authority from within!

The Vision

By the end of this intensive 12-week program, you will feel a new sense of ease in your entire being and greater clarity about what truly matters to you and how to go about aligning with that. You will have greater understanding of your true purpose and will be free from many of the unhealthy constraints that have been holding you back from being in your authenticity and from having the fulfilling, nourishing relationships you long for. You will be free from many debilitating habits, patterns, and energies. You will have an entirely new way of being in the world and a truer sense of who you really are beneath all the old programming and fear! A tall order for sure, but that is the power of this program!

Curriculum Highlights
The following is a list of highlights from the course. In addition to all this powerful content, what sets this program apart from all others is that it includes 10 transformational energy healing sessions and 12 personalized one-on-one instructional meetings - both via Zoom or in-person, depending on your location on the planet. The program is chock-full with teachings, exercises, resources, instruction, suggestions, and downloadable PDF's.
  • Week One: Setting Intention, Opening Ceremony, Establishing a Daily Practice

  • Week Two: Nutritional Foundation, Energy Body Health

  • Week Three: Exploring Masculine and Feminine, Create Your Own Reality - an Intro to Quantum Physics

  • Week Four: Integration and Reflection

  • Week Five: Unhealthy Masculine and Feminine Energies - in Society, in Us, in Relationships, Importance of Spiritual Connection

  • Week Six: Unhealthy Relationship Patterns and Sexuality, Grief Experiences and Intergenerational Trauma

  • Week Seven: Cord Cutting Ceremony and Working With Our Shadow

  • Week Eight: Integration and Reflection

  • Week Nine: Exploring Healthy Masculine and Feminine

  • Week Ten: Fostering the Divine Within - Vision Board

  • Week Eleven: Step Into Your New Reality

  • Week Twelve: Closing Ceremony and Self Care, Carrying it into the Future

What's Included?
You receive all of this and so much more!

  • 10 Customized and Powerful Energy Healing Sessions

  • 12 Hours One-On-One Personalized Instruction Meetings!

  • 12 Weeks of Transformative Teachings and Exercises

  • Tons of Downloadable PDFs and Resources

  • A Complete Daily Spiritual Practice and Rituals

Need More Information and Want to Know if the Program is Right For You?
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$5999 ~ one-time payment

$2099 ~ spread your payment over three months


Being in empowered sexuality and our true authentic selves is challenging to say the least.  If you have read my blog, you will know that I am quite passionate about dismantling old, out-dated ideas we carry about our sexuality.  I believe we would all benefit from some deeper exploration of unhealthy belief systems that many of us have embodied. It can be so beneficial to have support as we navigate our journey towards wholeness.  I am grateful for the opportunity to support your process, offer guidance and suggestions if asked, and, most importantly, simply hold space for you to share and discuss in a safe, judgment free conversation.  I currently hold two degrees in social sciences (and am working on my third!), so am quite skilled in listening and being open to different perspectives.  It is amazing what happens when we are able to share freely from our hearts with another being who is not emotionally invested in our process - we hear what we need to hear from ourselves and discover our own truths and powerful wisdom that lies within.  You are welcome to explore my blog postings to get an idea of my world-view, my hopes, dreams, and desires surrounding connection.  I would be honored to witness you on your journey!

XOXO~ Star

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