Sensual Empowerment and Energy Healing Sessions

In my many years as a provider in the sensual arts, I have come to learn a thing or two about our human sexuality and all the ways that it can be blocked, stagnant, unhealthy, stuck, and all gunked up with guilt, shame, confusion, and all the other issues that come from growing up in a Christian-based society that shuns the body, shames and perverts our sexuality, and disconnects us from the material world - the Earth, our bodies, and our experience of anything physical and pleasurable.  This strange mentality wreaks all sorts of havoc on our experience - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.  The following sessions seek to restore you to balance so that you can have a healthier, more integrated experience of your human body, your sexuality, your desire, and your innate power.   If this resonates with you, you are in the right place!  Please read My Philosophy for much more on this.  See my Blog for more exploration of the harmful effects of growing up in our dogmatic religious society.  Also feel free to visit my Beyond page for helpful reading on this subject.  And reach out for scheduling!  Please keep in mind that my sessions are NOT sensual in nature, though they are designed to support your achieving a healthier sensual and sexual expression.

Energy Restoration and Recharge
$400 | 120 minute session (In-person at my Portland, OR incall)
$400 | Distance Session 120 minutes - including 30 minute Zoom session for discussion (Distance healing available to you anywhere on the globe!)

Many life circumstances can cause the energy centers in our body, known as chakras, to become imbalanced, out of alignment, stagnant, and not functioning at their fullest capacity.  This contributes to feelings of disempowerment and a lack of belonging; it blocks creativity and inhibits healthy sexual expression.  We may feel a diminished sense of self and low self-esteem, unloved and unlovable, disconnected from Source and from our spirituality, unable to recognize or speak our truth, and relinquishing our power - to our mates, to society, and to the demands of life. Feeling lost, alone, and without a sense of purpose.  And oh yeah – dealing with all sorts of physical ailments on top of it all! 


Stagnant chakras in men contribute to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and difficulty with ejaculation, as well as many other health and disease issues.*  Physical issues experienced by women can include decreased sensitivity, pain during intercourse, difficulty receiving, tension in pelvis, and numbness.*


These sessions are geared towards restoring balance, clearing stagnation, and strengthening your energy centers - ultimately aligning you with your power and with your heart, connecting you to your passion and desire, clearing feelings of guilt and shame associated with your sexuality, and supporting healthier physical functioning.   I utilize stone and crystal therapy, Reiki, sound, vibration, and intention to foster this energetic balancing, helping to restore you to your authentic self, fully in your power.  Please see After Care page before scheduling.


These sessions ARE NOT sensual in nature; they are completely geared towards healing and restoration.  Please inquire with any questions!

Generally, three sessions are recommended, but one is extremely powerful too!

Package Discount: $1100 for three 2-hour sessions (discount will be applied to the third session: 1st at $400, 2nd at $400, 3rd at $300)

​Energy Field Tuning
$300 | Sessions run 90-120 minutes (available both in-person and distance)


These sessions utilize sound therapy and tuning forks to cleanse and clear the energy field around your body.  This is an extremely powerful healing modality that heals stagnation, blockages, traumas, and all sorts of challenges that might be hanging out in your energy field.  We carry everything that has ever happened to us in our aura - even going back to our birth.  All of our life circumstances contribute to the experiences we are having now.  The vibrations, frequencies, and harmonics of sound therapy supports the restoration of your energy field to a healthy state which can clear up all sorts of issues on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  See description in the above session to get a better understanding of how chakra imbalance contributes to challenges in our life experience.   These sessions ARE NOT sensual in nature.  Please inquire with any questions and please see After Care page before scheduling.

Generally, three sessions are recommended, but one is extremely powerful too!

Let's Chat!  Healing Support and Counsel Distance Sessions

$125 | 60 minute phone session or add to any session above


Being in empowered sexuality and our true authentic selves is challenging to say the least.  If you have read my blog, you will know that I am quite passionate about dismantling old, out-dated ideas we carry about our sexuality.  I believe we would all benefit from some deeper exploration of unhealthy belief systems that many of us have embodied. It can be so beneficial to have support as we navigate our journey towards wholeness.  I am grateful for the opportunity to support your process, offer guidance and suggestions if asked, and, most importantly, simply hold space for you to share and discuss in a safe, judgment free conversation.  I currently hold two degrees in social sciences (and am working on my third!), so am quite skilled in listening and being open to different perspectives.  It is amazing what happens when we are able to share freely from our hearts with another being who is not emotionally invested in our process - we hear what we need to hear from ourselves and discover our own truths and powerful wisdom that lies within.  You are welcome to explore my blog postings to get an idea of my world-view, my hopes, dreams, and desires surrounding connection.  I would be honored to witness you on your journey!

Love and light to you on your journey ~ Star

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