Once we have established a time to get together, there are a few things that will help make the most out of our encounter.


I will provide you with a phone number prior to our meeting.  Please text me if you are running either early or late.  I understand that there are many aspects of life that are out of our control, but please respect my time and text me if you will not be here at the agreed upon time.  There are a number of things I do to prepare for our time together, so arriving early unexpectedly can be very inconvenient.  On the other hand, if you are running late, again please text to let me know.  It is possible that I may be able to accommodate a slight shift in timing, though not always.  My time is as valuable to me as yours is to you...let's treat each other with mutual respect.


"Cleanliness is next to Godliness."  Please arrive clean and well groomed, as I will be for you.  Of course you are more than welcome to use my facilities upon your arrival and before you leave as well.  I have unscented soap and fresh linens available for you.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please do not wear anything scented such as cologne or aftershave (deodorant is an exception and is actually very appreciated <giggle!>). I am extremely sensitive and it has the potential to give me a pretty good headache, which is not at all sexy (!) and can inhibit our time together (not good!).  I greatly appreciate your understanding and my body thanks you!


Upon your arrival, please place your gift (in an unsealed envelope) on the altar.

I will very gladly be a reference for you for up to 12 months after we have spent time together; please do not ask beyond that time period.  Please contact me in advance to let me know that you would like one.  Please do not ever give out my phone number to anybody.   


I must also mention that, while I absolutely adore flowers, I ask that you please do not bring me any, as it brings unwanted attention to our encounter (unfortunately).


Above all, please arrive with an open mind and an open of expectations.  Our time together will be our own unique experience.  Let's see how our energy combines and allow for whatever journey unfolds for us. 


Live, lust, experience.

XOXO~ Star