Drawing Close

Desires fulfilled; cravings satiated; connections made.

And isn't this what so many of us long for?  In my many years engaged with the erotic arts and human sexuality, I have learned a great deal about what we humans desire and crave - and where we get confused about those desires and cravings.  We think we are simply longing for physical connection, sensual touch, sexual encounters.  The truth is, however, that we are longing for something much deeper and more profound - we long for true intimacy and heart connection with another human being - or, when we get right down to it, true intimacy with Source. 


It is a spiritual connection that we lack and that we search for in another - through sexual encounters.  We have confused sexual encounters with true intimacy and heart-based connection - and this is why they tend to be so lacking, confused, frustrating, short-lived, empty, and fail to live up to our expectations.  We crave something much more profound. 


We need to clear out all that is blocking us from having the type of connection we are truly seeking.  We need to clear the old ideas and beliefs that are hindering our true connection with our authentic selves, with Source, and with each other. 


I am extremely passionate about supporting our return to a healthy, vibrant, empowered connection to our own hearts and to Spirit - which will ultimately lead us towards a more healthy, vibrant, empowered sensual and sexual expression.  We must start with ourselves first though - we must look within.

And that is just a very tiny little bit about my passion and purpose, my mission and vision, and what totally turns me on.


And now it is time to let your curiosity get the best of you and step into my world of sensual empowerment and transformation.  Are you ready...?

I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

Love and light~ Star


Many passions feed my soul, illuminate my spirit, and fill my heart: writing, learning and educational pursuits, designing, poetry, gardening, traveling, yoga, spiritual practice, preparing scrumptious foods, dancing, music, going to the symphony, being outside reveling in Mother Nature’s beautiful handiwork, reading usually ten books at a time (variety is the spice of life you know!)...and I am constantly finding new ways to spice up my life and expand my horizons.  Skydiving anyone?  I have realized in my short time on Earth that there is never enough time, so I am committed to making every moment count and experiencing as much beauty and wisdom as possible!  Connecting with you, supporting your healing process, having the opportunity to touch and empower your soul - these are some of the glorious ways that I get to do that.  I am so grateful that you are here!  We truly are all in this together - an empowered you supports and empowered me!  And how amazing is that?!

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