My Philosophy...

Hello lover.  I've been waiting for you.  Did you hear...


The seductive whispers slipping from my mouth.

Dripping off my tongue.

Intensifying your desire.

Teasing, tantalizing, playfully torturing.

Threatening to unmask carefully hidden secrets, forgotten longings...

Fantasy realms unexplored.

Demanding dreams that call out for a stranger

To experience that pleasure unknown.

Succumbing to eroticism.

Discovering where sensuality and spirituality come together.


Intrigued?  Yes?  Well what are you waiting for?  Exquisite experiences await us.

We all have a desire to experience and express our sensual and erotic nature; to be overtaken by passion; to feel alive; to be turned on. 

Soft teasing caresses.  Tongue seductively moving over your skin.  Fingernails scratching down your back.  What turns you on?  What takes you there?  What nourishes your soul?


Fulfill your desires; tell me everything; be my muse.  I live for this.  Live for seduction.  For sensuality.  My life is one of passion - for everything that I do.


Let's explore eroticism.

Let's embrace passion and longing.

Let's experience greater depths of pleasure.

Let me show you the true meaning of sensuality.

Let yourself go.

Let me take you there...


Many passions feed my soul, illuminate my spirit, and fill my heart…writing, designing, poetry, gardening, traveling, yoga, spiritual practice, sexy lingerie, preparing and savoring delicious foods, dancing, music, going to the symphony, being outside reveling in Mother Nature’s beautiful handiwork, reading usually ten books at a time (variety is the spice of life you know!)...and I am constantly finding new ways to spice up my life and expand my horizons...skydiving anyone?  I have realized in my short time on Earth that there is never enough time, so I am committed to making every moment count and experiencing as much pleasure as possible!  Connecting with you; feeling you; learning what turns you on; sharing sensual energy with you...these are some of the delicious ways that I get to do that. 

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