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Updated: May 19

Wow. Has it really been so long since I last wrote here? I see my last post was June of 2020? Where did the time go and where has my mind been? Such a powerful year and so much has transpired. And apparently I have not been called to write in the same way, though there has been and continues to be much to write about. My creativity is certainly flowing however and especially so now that we have just come to the end of the last zodiac cycle. With the Spring Equinox comes the fresh fire energy of Aries - of the spring - of things ready to emerge and burst forth. If you follow astrology, you know that the Spring Equinox is the beginning of a new cycle - New Year's Day for astrology basically. And indeed I am feeling that! Part of why I have come here to write is to update you all on some of the new creative ventures that are in the works for me right now.

First I want to share with you my new OnlyFans page. [UPDATE: I am no longer maintaining that page, as it ended up not being quite the right forum for the conversations I am interested in having with you all! I will maintain my focus here. Yay for that!] It is a continuation of the themes I have started to explore here - embracing and embodying healthy sexuality, dismantling old outdated belief systems that have shamed and perverted our beautiful sexual expression, discussions on Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, the spirituality of our sexuality, and encouraging conversation around healing from so much of the trauma that we all carry surrounding our sexual expression. I invite you to join me there and join into the conversation and enjoy the visual aspect of my sensual expression as well. I am sharing sensual videos and images as I am called to - images and video clips you can't see anywhere else! Very exciting! Mind you, this is not porn in the usual sense in any way, shape, or form. I prefer a more artistic, sensual, teasing approach with my sensuality, as you have no doubt gathered from what you see here on my site. If that speaks to you, do please come see what it is all about and how it resonates with you. Also, if you chose to join me there, you will get to see a bit of sensuality between my husband and I on occasion. Yep! That is correct - I got married! I am now in official committed Divine Union with my amazing, beautiful, awesome beloved.

Some of you have no doubt noticed that my sessions and offerings have changed as of late as I move more into a healing and guiding role which is something that has always resonated deeply with me and I have always brought into my sessions. My new commitment and marriage experience has supported my movement into that in a much deeper way, as I feel more and more called to support us stepping into our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. Being in a committed relationship like this is helping me appreciate more and more how fragmented and separated so many of us are from each other and the need to heal these wounds at a deep level. I appreciate now much more of what it means to do relationship and how challenging it can be given all the pain and fear we come into relationship with. It has been a powerful healing journey for me to step into this new union and I appreciate more and more how much I want to support others to heal their own wounds in order to step more fully into self-love, which in turn supports their being able to enter into union with another on a much healthier level - allowing for the nourishing, supportive, loving union we all seek and crave. Until we heal from our own wounds, there is no way we are going to attract and sustain the types of relationships that are healthiest and most resonant with our individual unique energies. People often want to know how they can fix their relationships and get back in sync with their partners and now I understand more than ever that it absolutely is not possible until we do the deep-dive work on ourselves. No level of tips, communication advice and skills, sensual techniques, etc are going to fix the problem because the problem is not external. The issues are internal. And that is where we must begin!

And that is the purpose of my energy healing sessions that you will find under my offerings now. Clearing and cleansing old stagnant painful fearful energies of shame, trauma, neglect, loneliness, isolation, anger, resentment, grief, abandonment and sorrow that get in the way of us loving ourselves and each other. These energies build up over a lifetime and create unhealthy belief systems, patterns, behaviors, and thought processes that continue to recreate negative experiences and relationships that lack the nourishment, creativity, support, love, connection, communication, and joy that we seek and crave and that is absolutely possible - if we embark on the journey - if we start the healing process - if we take responsibility for how we want our lives to unfold. So much of our experience is now unconscious and these patterns perpetuated and recreate themselves without any work from us. They have a life of their own. We must interrupt the process. Recognize it for what it is. Apply the breaks. Start heading in a new direction. The modalities I bring into my healing sessions work on all of this and they do so in a very powerful way - when one commits to the process and seriously puts in the time and effort to do the work. These patterns and behaviors didn't arise over night and they certainly won't go in one session! This is why I have a three-session package available and that is an excellent start to be sure!

I am recognizing more and more, however, the need for a much more powerful support system - a more intensive and all-inclusive experience to do a serious overhaul on the issues and challenges that are blocking us from living to our true creative and loving potential and having the healthy supportive connected relationships we long for. I am in the process of creating a 10-week deep-dive program that will address many of the core issues that challenge us - unhealthy energy patterns, distorted views and experiences of sexuality, unhealthy relating, unhealthy patterns of masculine and feminine energies as they have shown up throughout this lifetime, unhealthy diet and nutrition, and lack of connection to Source. It is going to seriously open it all up for release and restructuring. I am super excited to go this deep with people and facilitate some serious transformation. One fundamental experience of this program will be weekly energy healing sessions which go way beyond any sort of talk therapy or counseling session. We are past the point of talking and it is time to get out of the story and go right to the heart of the matter!

This energy healing is some powerful stuff. I'll have some testimonials up soon from gentlemen I've been working with who can attest to the serious power of working with our energy body, working with diet and nutrition, and incorporating other powerful modalities to facilitate deep transformation. They can also attest to the need to commit to working with all of this for some duration. One session is indeed lovely and healing and nourishing (and highly recommended!), but if you want a real shift in your experience, if you want serious healing of these unhealthy energies and patterns, a larger commitment is required. And this is not to say that one session isn't quite powerful - it is! I don't want to shoot myself in the foot here and keep anybody from coming for a single session - I just wish to express my desire to support a serious transformation as that is oftentimes what is required given all of the issues we are dealing with. This pain we are dealing with goes deep. It truly does. I will add again that I do highly recommend coming in for one session if you are curious to see more about what it is I am doing and to get a taste for the power of this modality. Big shifts do happen in one sitting - and this is why people come back for more! They experience the power of it right away and they recognize that big things are possible if they continue down the path. It is super exciting really. And I am so excited to be offering a tiny little sneak-peak into my upcoming program. Beautiful things are in store!

I almost forgot to add that distance sessions are available now too! So no worries if you are not local to my area. I have been working with people in California and India for some time with absolutely amazing results. Yay quantum physics! Neither time nor space is relevant in our quantum reality. I can support your healing to and from anywhere on the globe! Powerful stuff indeed!

So nothing is holding you back now! And if you want to keep up to date on all of this and what I am doing and if you want to dive deeper into this conversation around healthy masculine and healthy feminine - and healthy sexuality and healthy relating - along with some sensual little visual tidbits along the way, subscribe to my blog and sign up for my email list. Join the conversation! I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

Thank you all for being a part of my journey! So very grateful for it!

Love and light to you all ~ Star

Looking at you

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